Captains - 

1.  Once you put in all your personal information and create a password you will select your Event (team type).  

2.  Please hit the button "Select Oceans 50 Team".  This will open a new window that allows you to create a new Oceans 50 team.  Here you will name your team, select gender of team and please create a password for your team.  You will give this password to all the runners joining your team keeping any stray runners from joining the wrong team. 

3.  Proceed to answer the questions and payment info at the end to complete your registration.

4.  You will receive an email giving you some options to share your team link and invite runners through email or you can simply just email your team name and password to your team members and they can sign up on this page. 

5.  To manage your teams once you have registered please click here.  Manage My Team

Team Members -

1.  Fill in personal info and create a password for your account.

2.  Hit the button "Select Oceans 50 Team".  This will open a new window and will give you the option to join an existing team.  Select the existing team from the drop down and enter in the password given to you from your team captain.

3.  Proceed to check out, you will not owe any money since your Captain was awesome enough to have already paid. 

4.  Training starts today! Have fun.